Neebing News – July 2024

Ah, July, the true heart of a Northwestern Ontario summer. I’m so happy it’s
here. Winter, though the last one was mild, is a distant memory. This
month we will have the chance to enjoy some hot days, swimming in a lake,
ice cream that tries to melt before you finish it and barbeques! Yes, I am
definitely a summer person.

NRFA is also enjoying the summer!
We will have just drawn our 6th winner of the 50/50 Draw. Congratulations.
I hope it’s you who gets to hold the Big Check!

If not, don’t worry, Draw #7 has just begun. For this draw, and the next, we
have a $500 Early Bird Prize! It could pay to get your tickets early this

We will be drawing (or have just drawn depending on the publishing date)
our two Firewood Raffle winners on Canada Day at the Municipal Office
celebrations! We hope to see you there. Tickets will be on sale prior to the

Many thanks to these ticket selling locations for supporting our community:

  • AJ’s Trading Post, Hwy 61
  • Canadian Tire, 1221 Arthur St
  • Chaschuk Enterprises Ltd, 36 Barrie Drive
  • Floyd’s Glass, 316 Euclid Ave.
  • Green Acre Variety, Hwy 595
  • Neebing Municipal Office, Hwy 61
  • Pines Hardware, Kakabeka Falls
  • Rosslyn Service, 3404 Rosslyn Rd
  • Santorelli Car/Truck Stop, Hwy 130
  • South Neebing Variety, Hwy 61
  • Thunder Bay Co-op and Farm Supplies, 560 Boundary Drive
  • Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, 661 Boundary Drive

Thank you for your ongoing support of these raffles.

Where does the $$ go, you ask?

It is thanks to your ongoing support we will be able to purchase some core
items for NES’s newly acquired Rescue truck, Rescue 151

Municipal Decals: Neebing identifying decals for the vehicle (3.5K)

New Vehicle Lighting: Driving, emergency light bar and all scene lighting
including portable tripod scene lightning will be updated to LED standards.

Radio: Communications radio (2K)

e-Draulic Spreader Tool: A battery powered unit that has more spreading
force and takes up less on-board storage space providing faster, wide range
deployment on scene. (20-25K)

Decal Mockup

All contributions go toward the betterment of our Emergency Services’
ability to help us when we need them. You make this happen. Thank you!

Over the last 3 Can Sorts, we’ve been able to clear out the storage shed!
Its been wonderful to see so many new faces and also hear the ‘I haven’t
seen you in ages’ conversations. The social aspect of this vital fundraising
job is growing with each sort.

If you’d like to know when & where our next ‘Can Sort’ will be, just drop us
an email at Come out and Join Us!

One last note;
August will find us at Little Trout Day By The Bay sponsored by the LRCA
and Neebing’s Fish Derby. NFRA will be hosting a fund-raising BBQ to
keep hungry participants fed. Make sure to stop by our booth!

Be safe, be well and be kind.
Joy Harris
NFRA – President

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