Neebing News – December 2023

Did you know that all donations to NFRA help to keep your taxes lower?

The Municipality funds Neebing Emergency Services for all basic needs but it’s the contributions from you and purchases made by NFRA that buy extra equipment and training aids that are required for a well-run service. Thus minimizing any need for a tax increase.

Another great reason to support NFRA!

On that note: A Big THANK YOU to all of you who place your sorted bags of pop, beer and metal cans into our collection bins at our landfill sites! The sorting crew is most appreciative of the helping hand that gives us. Liquor and wine bottles and bags brought to the collection sheds also make a huge impact on what we can do for Neebing Emergency Services. These donations really add up! Our annual total is well over $6000 from returnables and metal recycling.

NFRA held, what we think is, our last sorting morning of 2023 last Friday. Thank you to all who came out!

We went from this:

To this, in just over 2 hours:

Isn’t that a great looking shed Kris and Steve built? We were happy to
‘break it in’. Our thanks to Steve McKinnon for also donating the used metal
for the walls and roof, it will keep us dry next Spring 🙂

FARMERS or OTHERS: if you have extra used Mini Bulk Bags you can donate for our use, please contact Kris @ 807-621-3456. The ones we are using for our can collections are getting tattered and full of holes. Thank you!

Tickets for our last 50/50 draw of 2023 are selling well! That means the take-home pot is really growing. Will we be calling you on December 27th???

Purchase your tickets today from our website:

You will have a chance to win while helping us support Neebing Emergency Services.

2023 is already the highest year ever of donations to NFRA
through CanadaHelps, Thank you!

We’d like to recognize and thank all of the donors who chose NFRA this

  • Thank you to the Anonymous donors who quietly give to support us.
  • Thank you to the families who chose NFRA for In Memorium donations to honor their loved ones.
  • Thank you to our Monthly donors who enable us to better plan our support of NES.
  • Thank you to our One-Time donors who think of NES and are moved to support them through us.

December 9th is our Holiday Cookie & Treat Sale at the Blake Hall, from 1pm to 3pm!

If you can donate baking or penny auction items to this festive fundraising event, please contact Karen @ 807-475-0269.

‘What’s Cooking in Neebing’ cookbooks will be available for purchase ($15) as well as the opportunity to pay cash for our Online 50/50 Raffle tickets!

Come out December 9th to Blake Hall and see what we have to offer! Vendors, Penny Auction, & Treats! What a marvelous way to begin the holiday season.

All proceeds from NFRA fundraisers like these go right back into our community through our purchases for Neebing Emergency Services!

Be safe, be well and be kind.

Joy Harris
NFRA – President

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