Neebing News – October 2023

Neebing Fire/Rescue Association has been around since 1986 and over the years many extraordinary efforts have been made to raise funds to purchase a good portion of the equipment that you see in use by our Emergency Services. Since 2003 we have recorded that $417,986 worth of items have been purchased. For a listing of these items visit this link

These funds have been raised through events, raffles, personal donations, auctions and metal and popcan revenue to name a few. One fundraising endeavour is seldom talked about and is the sale of Break Open tickets.

Break Open Tickets (Nevada Tickets) are a successful charitable gaming product that is available at local convenience stores, legions and bingo halls across Ontario. Affordably priced and easy to play, Break Open Tickets ( BOT) usually have five windows on each ticket. The player pulls back the tabs to reveal the symbols, and there is a prize for winning combinations.

Neebing Fire/Rescue Association has had Break Open tickets available at Arella’s Quality Dollar & Import Store at 292 Bay St. in Thunder Bay since 2002 and many pieces of training and emergency equipment have been purchased with the proceeds. Our records show that a profit of $145, 931 has been derived from these BOT sales and $142, 734 worth of the equipment from the list noted above was purchased from the profits. If you are ever on Bay St, please stop in at Arella’s and thank the owner Rosetta for her contributions towards our community.

Recently NFRA was awarded $3000 from Charitable Gaming ( Ontario) towards advertising and marketing for gaming events . If you have seen some creative changes to our Facebook ads, plus a MailChimp newsletter and in the future print ads it is thanks to Krista Bannan who is being contacted to help us “up our game”! Thank you Krista!

All of the funds raised would not be done without the support of generous donors, event attendees and the hard work of volunteers. Our current Firewood Raffle is nearly complete at the time of writing. Chaschuk Enterprises Ltd has contributed 10 full cords of birch firewood to 5 raffles and these donations has helped raise over $64,000!

This article may be full of numbers and facts, but it is also intended to demonstrate all the “heart” that has gone into supporting our emergency services. Neighbours helping neighbours.

Filling in for Joy Harris this month because even Joy gets to go on vacation! Clara Butikofer ( Treasurer)

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